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Success Stories

“I used to get angry all the time, especially at my siblings, and cry a lot too! I would cry if my cracker broke, or if I dropped a toy. I got in trouble at preschool. I used to be afraid all the time. I thought my mom would leave me, or that something bad would happen to her. Now I just get to be myself, the one everyone says is happy all the time!”  -Avery Morrow, Age 9, started therapy age 4

“I don’t remember them, but my parents say I had seizures alot. I saw every heart and brain specialist my parents knew about. No one could help, but then my mom researched how to help me, and when I take my brain supplements, I don’t get dizzy anymore.” -Kayde Morrow, Age 12, started therapy age 7

“I don’t know what you have been doing with Canyon lately, but I can tell you have been putting alot of extra time into him! Wow, what a change in class! Keep doing whatever you are doing!” – Aspen’s son’s teacher, (2 weeks into putting him on the neuronutrients and nothing else).

“I suffered from suicidal thoughts every October for over 20 years. After meeting Aspen, I was so skeptical. I just glared at her during the whole consult. Wow, I am so glad I followed her protocols step by step! I am three years free of those thoughts, and she has been such a blessing to me and everyone I have referred to her!” -J. McDaniel

“Hi, Aspen. I just wanted to tell you I am feeling phenomenal! I am so happy. Aspen, before these doctors overmedicated me for 20 years, there were 2 weeks every fall that I felt happy and normal. I feel like that everyday now. Everybody is noticing. Thank you and God bless you. I just want to say thank you! I pray for you everyday. You are a true pioneer and someday your method will be used in the U.S. when enough people are lucky enough to come across your path. My mouth is moving and I am telling everybody about you. Have a very happy holiday. It is so exciting to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birthday.” -Kim

“The sibling rivalry has gone down so much in our home!” –Sarah

“She gets it, she gets it, she gets it!” –Mary K, California

“I love how Aspen puts all the moving parts together to create a viable, replicable, natural solution to a serious issue.” –Beth Misner, Author of The Misner Plan, and co-founder of Business Networking International (BNI)

“I consider Aspen to be the foremost expert on addressing Bipolar naturally in the world.” –Dr Mark Vance, MD, ND, FAAFP

Aspen’s book and coaching has helped over 10,000 people, so if you need more stories, just ask!