Reign Your Brain Program

Reign Your Brain. Reign Your Life! 

Many people ask for all of my tools, resources, mental mindset recovery program and Med Free Method™, but do not have the time or resources to coach with me one-to-one! Here is a program that gives you self-paced access to all my best tips and tricks, live-recorded videos, and foundational brain health protocols! 

Want a Brain that does what YOU tell it to do, instead of IT controlling YOU?!

In this ground-breaking program, you will learn how to help your brain with the Med Free Method™, mental mindset recovery, and silence that “inner critic”. 

I found that I was doing brain health coaching for several years for free because I loved it so much, I would still do it with or without pay, but people want to pay for things that bring them so much value! Now we have created a program that allows you to access this information forever. 

What you Get: 

1     Knowledge on the entire Reign Your Brain AND Med Free Method™ programs

2     Foundational Protocols that help heal your brain from a litany of labels

3     Ongoing Support & Community! Private Facebook Group, Live                   Trainings, Zoom Conferencing with Aspen, and Discussion Thread           for Q&A’s! 

4     A Brain that’s Calm, Copes Well, Less-Stressed, Happy, Clear about what it wants, Knows how to set goals, Conscious, and Concise. 


Sign Up Here: $48 introductory special! (

In this Program you will learn:

1) Learn the Med Free Method™ system that has helped thousands of people worldwide

2) The best foundational supplement protocols (and where and how to get them), nutrition plan, exercise program, and environmental changes for maximum brain-health results.

3) How the Mental Mindset Recovery program can change your thinking, past trauma, and create an incredible life.
4) How to safely come off of medication or help a loved one become Med Free! 

5) HOW to Reign Your Brain in every situation. 

6)  How to address the tough issues like mental health, concussion, trauma, brain injury, aneurysm, seizures, autism, sensory issues, self-harm and more! 

Benefits of taking the course:

1) Save and improve your life and others’ with natural alternatives for brain health and healing

2) Gain cutting-edge knowledge, expertise and systems for a new lease on life!

3) Learn proven techniques that can give you the brain you have always wanted

4) May help prevent and reverse brain decline in old age.

5) Gain Optimized Brain Function, Reduced Stress, and More Calm, Coping, Clarity & Motivation

This class is for anyone who:

1) Wants a better brain
2) Can benefit from better work, school, ministry or sports performance
3) Is a personal development junkie but still seems to be stuck 

4) Desires more Calm, Coping, Clarity, Focus, Attention, Better Moods, Control, Concise Outcomes, Clear Thinking, and Higher Consciousness (thinking on things above). 

Everything you will learn in this program I have tried out myself with success. When I first started healing my brain, I had no clue what I was doing and didn’t know how to help myself, let alone others! I spent thousands of dollars in medical bills and professional counseling and personal development coaching. I also have a $50k BA education in Public Relations that I could not use when brain issues hit me! Through it all I learned what things work and what things don’t work for optimal brain health. I also discovered new things that no one ever taught me. I will share all of this with you so that you can replicate the success I have had, or be even more successful than me.

$250 Value 

Sign Up Here: $48 introductory special! 

The program consists of live recorded video trainings, 7+ unit modules, healing protocols, nutrition info, exercise plan, more resources, improvement tracking, a Private Facebook Group Community for program members only, and self-paced learning. 

Also the course is a tax-deductible charitable contribution to our nonprofit, so the investment is minimal for the ROI you stand to gain. I should be charging hundreds of dollars for this program, and I may decide to do that in the future, but join the self-study class now while it is available at this introductory offer.

What our clients have to say about our work:

“Aspen is simply the best when it comes to “knowing” how to balance the nutrition for optimal brain health. She listens and knows how to get results when they are needed most. Her kind knowledgeable approach to each individual person is what this world needs more of.” — Dr. Cindy Hess, Purple Sage Wellness

“Aspen is one of the foremost experts on bipolar recovery in the world! — Dr Mark Vance, MD, ND, FAAFP BCIM FAAO, Vance Medical 

“Aspen Morrow has the experience, knowledge, insight and inspirational commitment to assist those with mental health needs. Her eagerness to continue learning more is shared in her loving care for others. We’ll continue referring our friends to her, knowing they are in excellent hands.” Cam Gross, Wellness Advocate