Med Free Results

We Identify the Underlying IssueCorrect it Naturally utilizing Naturopathic, non-medical, & med-free solutions. Getting Med Free Results where no one else can is what sets us apart.

Aspen Brain Health Programs address brain-related issues in children, teens, adults and seniors.

    • Academic, Social and Behavioral issues
    • Memory issues in adults and seniors
    • Concussion issues
    • Focus, Attention, Brain Fog and Clarity of Thought issues
    • Rage, Tantrums, Destruction
    • Self-Harm & Cutting issues at the root cause
    • ADHD (7 Types) & Mood Regulation Issues
    • Sleep, Night Terrors & Racing Thoughts
    • Sensory & Picky Eating Issues
    • Migraine HeadachesAnxiety/Panic
    • Post Stroke/Brain Surgery
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Supernatural/ Spiritual/ Religious Phenomenon (SP) 
    • Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)  
    • Inner Healing & Deliverance 
    • Spiritual Counseling for kids, adults & marriages

      Peer & Nutrition Coaching starts at $75 an hour (*SC) | Naturopathic Provider Care at $150 an Hour (*SC) | Music, Chromatherapy & Art Therapy | Custom NeuroNutrition™ Solutions | Med Free Options for Brain Health |Dr. Amen Brain Health Certified Brain Testing & Solutions

  • Brain Map Testing
  • Memory Testing & Protocol
  • AD/HD (7 types) & Solutions
  • Addiction Testing & Solutions
  • Mental Health Brain Test & Custom Plan
  • Hormone Brain Testing & Regimine
  • Sensory
  • Sleep
  • Cravings & Weight Loss
  • Concussion & Brain Injury Recovery
  • Learning Disability Screening

Our most popular $500 (*SC) Package includes: 

  • Two- 60-90 min Appointments ($300+ value)
  • Dr Amen Method Written Brain Type Test ($4,000 in his clinic with the SPECT Imaging scan)
  • Brain Test Results Evaluation & Interpretation ($75 value)
  • Custom Supplement Protocols (with optional Medication report to discuss with your doctor) (Priceless, and saves lots of time and money with trial and error and wasted supplement/ medication purchases)
  • Exercise Program ($100)
  • Clean Eating Plan for your Brain Type including great resources ($300)
  • Value Added resources: ANT Therapy, Tapering Protocols, Clean Home recipes and more! ($100 + value)
  • Custom results report ($75 value)
  • Optional: Music & Chromatherapy options

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Aspen L. Morrow, D.PSc, NCP, CBHC, CPSS

Founder, Aspen Morrow of Aspen Brain Health: Traditional Naturopathic Care Provider, Neurocoaching Practitioner, Certified Brain Health Coach (Amen Method), Certified Peer Support Specialist, Author, Speaker

Phone, FaceTime, Skype or FaceBook Video consults available

Free 15 min consult 208.870.9238

Local To Treasure Valley, Idaho? Aspen Brain Health’s Office is located inside: 

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207 W Georgia Ave South, Suite 150
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